This is a personal photo project to allow myself remember the 1/4 of my life if I can make to 100 years old. 

Thank you for being so dauntless.

Los Angeles, California 

I had a good run here,  the time of my life. 

It was everything I ever wanted, imagine walking into your dream apartment where every last fantasy of your design loving mind has been attended to and realized. 

Taken on a Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable 35mm Camera before someone gave me a free ticket to Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2012.

On August 12, 2016, I mailed out everything I owned and drove 1008 miles from Newport Beach, California to Portland, Oregon.

Portland, Oregon 

It did not go as what I've imagined.

The city is so passive-aggressive with the raindrop yelling at me majority of the time. Portland is weird, a way weirds me out, still.  

I had to get out from the city as soon as I can. I felt I was trapped inside a dungeon, couldn't move, couldn't feel. 

Before the next summer starts, I moved to Greenwich Village, New York. 

New York City 

Here I am, living in the fucking New York City, more exactly somewhere in between Greenwich Village and East Village. 

I no longer need my big SUV in the city, squeezing myself into R-line every morning for work became a routine. 

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